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Preposition that is not selected + infinitival clause

Infinitival clauses may be found after prepositions that are not selected.


Infinitival clauses following prepositions which are not selected function as adverbial clauses. The prepositions meiwith and sûnderwithout are characteristically involved. Some examples are given below:

Example 1

a. Se swimme in ein, stadich en sûnder te praten
they swim a distance slowly and without to talk
They are swimming for some time, slowly and without talking
b. Sjôlin ûnderstreket dat mei te sizzen …
Sjölin emphasizes that with to say
Sjölin emphasizes this by saying …

The preposition meiwith is usually followed by the infinitive te sizzento say. In addition, infinitival clauses functioning as adverbials may be found following the preposition trochby:

Example 2

Men is troch te swijen, net solidêr mei de Nederlânske boargers as yndividuen
one is by to be.silent not solidary with the Dutch citizens as individuals
By being silent, we wouldn't be solidary with the Dutch citizens as individuals

Infinitival clauses are rarely found following temporal prepositions:

Example 3

a. ?*Nei iten te hawwen geane wy op hûs oan
after eaten to have go we on house to
After having eaten, we go home
b. *Foar te iten geane wy op hûs oan
before to eat go we on house to
Before eating, we go home
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